“Spring Breakers:” From Felony to Florida

29 Apr

If you are looking for a very different type of movie to go see, I recommend you screen Harmony Korine’s latest film, Spring Breakers.Image

The movie chronicles the adventures of four college-aged girls who decide that they need to get away from reality and go to Florida for Spring Break.

The means by which they get to Florida is unconventional for sure, but the experiences they have once they get there are even more out of the ordinary.

The leads are ably played by Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and Selena Gomez, who all convincingly pull off the fairly unbelievable actions they are accountable for.

To fund their trip, three of the girls stage a robbery at a mom-and-pop restaurant near their college, steal their professor’s car to use as the getaway car, and then burn the car and run.

Minutes later, they are on the bus headed towards Florida. Once they arrive at their destination, they party to excess until the cops bust up the fun and the girls land in jail. There, they meet a

druglord named Alien, played by James Franco, a degenerate who makes the girls his prodigies.Image

The movie offers a pretty bleak view on what teenagers are capable of when they feel like they are entitled to a life of pleasure and fun in excess.

Although from the previews it may seem like Korine’s film praises the party hard lifestyle (or at least endorses it), upon closer examination he is really putting a mirror up to our society and asking us to consider just how far we are willing to go in the name of fun. It asks parents to consider what their sweet, innocent babies are capable of, and it asks teens to evaluate their own lifestyles.

Patrick Zwosta

Image sources: images.starpulse.com (DVD Cover)
static.guim.co.uk (Picture 2)


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