Avoiding Procrastination

23 Apr

As college students, many of us procrastinate when we feel overwhelmed by our assignments, which we all know is not the best idea, but sometimes we just can’t help it.

ImageOf course it’s okay to procrastinate every once in a while, but it turns problematic when it becomes a lifestyle that you can’t seem to shake.  You will find yourself staying up late every night before something is due, which often makes the end result not as good as you hoped it would be.  So how do you break these habits?  Here are some ideas to try.

Publically committing to a deadline via Twitter or Facebook or even to your friends or family, often helps defeat procrastination because you may feel that you are breaking a promise if you do not meet it.  If this doesn’t work you can always take more drastic measures by giving a friend a certain amount of money and saying they can keep it if you don’t make the deadline.  It’s a risk, but it will definitely give you the motivation you need to get the assignment done on time.

Another idea would be to have a friend constantly checking in with you to see if you are making progress with the assignment, or find someone doing the same assignment and plan to work in the library with them at the same time.  This way you have to set specific times to work on the project and cannot put it off as easily as you would if you were working alone.  Also, you will feel like you are letting them down too if you do not finish on time.

If that approach doesn’t work for you then you can always plan an appointment with the writing center, which will force you to have a decent amount of work done beforehand, and make your paper better in the process.

When we get huge projects to work on, we often feel overwhelmed, so we keep putting it off.  To solve this problem you should divide the project into smaller parts and decide on days when you will work on each part.  By dividing the project, you will not be left with too much work to do the night before, and will most likely get a better grade than if you had procrastinated and rushed the project.


Setting earlier deadlines for yourself can really help with procrastination too because you then have time to perfect your work before the actual deadline.  Also, this will give you time to meet with your professor to go over your paper, where they can give you ideas on how to make it better.

Avoiding procrastination will allow you to avoid the unnecessary stressors that come with completing your work the day before a deadline, and will almost guarantee an improvement in your grades.  Procrastination is not the answer; it is the enemy.

Brittany Peterson

Image sources: 2.bp.blogspot.com (Procrastination1)
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