The Rangers Are “Nashty”

15 Mar

As a whole, the New York Rangers are not doing as well as they hoped.

Rangers 1

They are currently in third place (28 points) in the Atlantic Division behind the Pittsburgh Penguins (38 points) and the New Jersey Devils (29 points). But thankfully, they have a strong squad that can get them into a higher ranking.

This squad is led by their newest off season acquisition, Left Wing Rick Nash. Nash was worth every penny that the Rangers paid for him; he has breathed new life into the team and has kept them alive in close games.

Throughout the past few games, he has scored a goal to either tie the game and send it into overtime, or has sent the team into the locker room after three periods with a victory.

#61 is a beast, an animal… someone who the team desperately needed.Rangers 2

The Rangers started off the season somewhat slow, but once someone unleashed the beast within Nash, the team has kicked it into high gear, and they have improved their record. Nash is currently the team leader in all of the major statistic brackets—points (23), goals (9) and assists (14). And he shows no signs of slowing down.

The Rangers had a nice win streak going for the past few games, but after Tuesday night’s loss against the Buffalo Sabres, they are looking to create another win streak when they play the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday at 8pm. Hopefully Nash and the Rangers can create positive momentum and propel the Rangers into first place in the division.

Player Health Update:

Mark Staal, who sustained an eye injury during the game against the Philadelphia Flyers a few days ago, is expected to make a full recovery. Staal was struck by a deflected rogue puck that hit him in the right eye. Staal was not wearing a visor, and this has caused a firestorm throughout the league, and most notably Twitter, as to whether or not all players should be forced to wear a visor. Hopefully he will be back to 100% soon and we will see him on the ice before the season is over.


-Patrick VanDyke

Image sources: Rangers 1 (, Rangers 2 (


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