Microwave Rescue Meals: Chicken Breast Salad

13 Mar

Challenge Accepted!!!

Today’s recipe: Chicken Breast SaladBaja Chicken Salad

The Microwave Rescue Sister’s are at it again! Except this time we are going to try something a bit more nutritious for our healthy audience at Siena College.

We know that Saga offers the lettuce and the tomatoes and probably even the meat, but for our townhouse and New Hall people that just feel like being on the other side of campus for the weekend, here is a fast and easy lunch.

Think about it this way: having the watery delicious taste of meat as part of your heart healthy meal for a day or two. You are also able to include more seasoning of your preference for those out there that enjoy a good amount of Sazón (seasoning) as part of their meal!

Hopefully you guys enjoy this as much as we did while making it.

1. Ingredients:

Warning: Make sure all vegetables are washed!

-Chicken breasts




-Mozzarella Cheese

-Your own preference of seasoning. We used:






2. How to make half a chicken breast:

1)   Cut chicken breast in half horizontally then cut thin slices length wise

2)   Place in microwaveable bowl so that they are spread apart with no stacking

  1. Drizzle half of lemon over meat
  2. Drizzle half a cap of vinegar over meat
  3. Dice onions and sprinkle over meat
  4. Then finally add salt and pepper
  5. Sprinkle chilli powder on the meat
  6. Now, place the meat in the microwave for one minute on one side then flip the meat
  7. Re-season and place it back in for 45 seconds to a minute. Meat should be fully cooked, no pink!

3. How to make the salad:

Tip: Make sure you use a large bowl to mix it in before single plating

  1. Rip salad with hands
  2. Cut up red onions and sprinkle on to the salad
  3. Slice up tomatoes into tiny cubes (because my lovely chef LOVES tomatoes…yeap! Yeap! yeap!)
  4. Get some shredded mozzarella cheese and sprinkle on to the salad
  5. Take the cucumber and cut it into tiny slices. Place on the salad, to the design of your choosing
  6. Take the chicken after its done and cut it up with your hands

Voilà ! Your healthy meal is complete.

skd240533sdcAfter completing the meal, make sure to design the vegetables to your choosing. Be creative and have Fun! Don’t forget to add the dressing you prefer. In this case we chose a thousand island dressing.

Here are some Optional Ingredients for the meat:


-Goya Adobo

-Goya Sofrito


-Chili powder

We hope you enjoy this meal as much as we did and remember, there are eight days left before break! Make sure you eat healthy and exercise. Remember to breath and not to get overwhelmed !

Always remember to feel free to email me at k05hern@siena.edu for any great recipe ideas or tips. Tamara and I would be happy to test them out and share them with the Siena Community. Also, feel free to tell us how much you like our previous recipes.

By: Tamara Euler, Kimberly Hernandez

Image sources: PeppyPalate.com (chicken salad), McCormick.com (second chicken salad), MyRecipies.com (third chicken salad)


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