Microwave Rescue Meals – Pudding Pie

5 Mar

Once again it’s time for another microwavable meal from the Microwave Rescue Meal’s sisters, but this time, we are taking a break and sharing a simple recipe without using the microwave. Shocking I know!Pudding pie

But because of the number of fire alarms taking place at New Hall we’ve decided to turn away from the microwave for a moment.

So far we have given you guys a recipe for breakfast and dinner. Now, we wanted to share a recipe on how to make a sweet and simple desert. So whether it is time for an anniversary or simply to surprise a friend or a partner, this recipe will be able to show others the creative and sweet-ish side of you! So let’s begin!

This week we will be doing a Pudding Pie.

1. This is what you’ll need:

Chocolate Pudding

-Pudding Mix

–––––Take any flavor of instant pudding mix and buy two incase it doesn’t fill the pie crush

-An already made pie crust which comes in an aluminum tin

-Whipped cream of your choosing

–––––We used reddi whip or any other toppings of your choosing


2. Here are the steps:

  1. Make pudding mix based on directions on the box
  2. Pour on to pie crust
  3. Put in the fridge for two hours until the pudding is stiff
  4. Dollop the whip cream on top
  5. Add whip cream on top
  6. -be creative and add shredded chocolate or ground coffee or shredded coconut-Show out your wild side!
  7. Cut up the strawberries and decorate the outer lining of the pie. Have fun with it!chocolate covered strawberry

Any left over pudding mix that did not fit in the pie crust can be used as fondu for you strawberries or fresh fruit.

3. Also, some tips to keep in mind:

→ Serve with a side of strawberries or your favorite fruit

→ Must refrigerate at all times

So being that this is such an easy recipe, make sure to be creative with the whip cream and don’t forget to enjoy the deliciousness of your chocolate pudding.

Well we hope you enjoy the appetizingness of our our Pudding Pie. So, good luck with school and  always remember to relax, have fun and enjoy life, as well as our pudding pie! We guarantee it will make your day to show off who you really are.

Always remember to feel free to email me at k05hern@siena.edu for any great recipe ideas or tips. Tamara and I would be happy to test them out and share them with the Siena Community. Also, feel free to tell us how much you like our previous recipes.

“Anyone can be a chef” – Ratatouille


-Kimberly Hernandez

Image sourece: KitchenSmitten.com (pudding pie), Luv4Chocolate.com (pudding), GirlShops.com (chocolate covered strawberry), Fanpop.com (Ratatouille)


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