Singer Rumi; A Man With Talent, and Deep Passions to Back Them Up

17 Nov

A man with many interests that influence his music, including the Sciences, The Beatles, and Martin Luther King Jr., rising pop star Rumi hopes to break into the Hollywood mold by proving his worth through albums full of ear catching singles.

 I recently interviewed Canadian pop recording artist Rumi, who has just completed his new album “Evol Dog.”Rumi was a fascinating person to talk to, in that I got a true sense of the performer’s musical style and his own unique personality during our conversation. It is clear that he is a passionate musician, who puts real effort into writing every single one of his songs, and that he is a consummate artist who values quality over quantity.

It took him five years to get this album completed Thankfully, after hearing about all the dedication that went into recording the album, I’m sure fans will not be disappointed.

The album will be released on December 12th, 2012, so be on the look-out for it!

Patrick Zwosta: What made you decide to enter into the music industry?

Rumi: Well the opportunity presented itself, and the door was open and I jumped in. It’s what inspires you, and how you feel connected to a cause that you are connected to.

Since I was a young man I always wanted to sing and perform. I guess I didn’t understand the parameters involved and what constitutes being a musician, but the older I get, the more I believe that this was not just a hobby. It’s one of my callings, and I’m giving it the best I can, and loving every minute of it.

PZ: What inspired you to write and record “Evol Dog”?

R: What inspired me to write the album was the album itself. I finished “Winning Card” with EMI Music and, when you finish your first album, you automatically want to start a new album… that was the inspiration.

The name came after the completion of the album. “Evol Dog” was the second to last addition to the album. I remember this one lazy afternoon as I was watching the TV half asleep, Martin Luther King’s speech came on. For the first time in that state of mind that I was in, his speech and personality resonated with me so much.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Bobby, my guitarist, was nearby. I grabbed him and we just started writing. I made a cautious choice to incorporate some of the lines of the speech into the song, though I put the lines into my own words. The song is based upon the speech. Halfway through the song, when I hit the chorus, the song itself forced me to use that term in order to convey my message.

PZ: Do you have a particular favorite song from the album?

R: It’s like asking a father to choose which son is his favorite. I don’t write songs, I write singles. I don’t think an album should have one or two songs and the rest should be fillers. I look to the old times as an inspiration.

For example, Michael Jackson and the Beatles wrote singles, and you can tell that they had a relationship with all their songs. That’s what I wanted to do and that’s why the album took five years to write. They’re all my favorites.

Michael Jackson and The Beatles.

PZ: What are the perks of being able to experience the best of both Canada and the US in your career?

R: The experience itself is great and amazing. The first thing that comes to mind is to be near my chosen families in both cities. They give you a spiritual boost, and that tap on the shoulder that you need to keep going sometimes. Feeling that you belong to a circle of people that genuinely care about you and that confront you when you make mistakes makes me feel blessed. It keeps me close to my family in Vancouver, New York and LA.

It also gives you plenty of connections and contacts to pull projects off the ground. I love Vancouver in the summer, LA is great in the spring and winter, and New York is beautiful throughout the year. I love seeing people still going out there in the cold and still showing up at concerts, Broadway shows, and getting together for drinks afterwards. Watching the constant activity around my in the city inspires me. There’s something in the air of NYC that makes sleep useless.

New York City

PZ: What other interests do you personally have that influence your creativity?

R: I’m interested in a lot of things to be honest. I read a lot so when I get a chance. I read about science, religions, mythologies, technology, history books, everything I can get my hands on. Anything that you’re interested in affects the music you make. Those are the cautious choices you make. You know how they say what you do during the day influences your dreams? I think creativity is similar. Art is not black and white. There are so many layers and there’re no rules, so everything is connected.

Final words of wisdom:

“Knowledge is power, remember that and sharing knowledge is one of the most beautiful things that anybody can do.”

Best of luck to Rumi on his road towards stardom!

-Patrick Zwosta


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