Opinion: Secession, A Trip Down Memory Lane?

17 Nov

There is no doubt that there is a strong polarization in our country, despite the fact that the candidates in this last election for president had generally similar views on many issues. There are still those who think everything Obama would do is right and everything Romney would do is wrong, and vice-versa. This has now been taken to the extreme of talks of secession.


I don’t know about most, but I didn’t realize we were back in 1861. All joking aside, this is eerily familiar. An elected President from Illinois, a new wave of political thought, and disgruntled southerners. Where have we heard this before?

There is currently a petition with over a hundred thousand names calling for Texan secession. There’s another petition from the capitol city of Austin, with somewhere around 10,000 names, which calls for Austin to secede from Texas, and thus remain with the USA if the larger petition were to go through.

Even anti-Obama firebrand Governor Rick Perry is “calling for Union”, a term not heard in earnest since the days of President Lincoln.

When one of the most anti-Obama governors is supporting a union with Mr. Obama as its President, you know that the petitioners are pretty extreme.

It is exceptionally doubtful that anything will become of this petition, or the 49 petitions filed by separatists in all of the other 49 states (yes, even Hawaii). Still, our current state of affairs proves disconcerting within this situation.

-Anthony Bjelke


One Response to “Opinion: Secession, A Trip Down Memory Lane?”

  1. Ryan November 17, 2012 at 2:49 am #

    Great article! If we want to make progress forwards, not to the left or right, we need to unite and not separate ourselves. Check out: http://democracyscomrade.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/seceding-from-the-united-states-really-lets-have-real-talk/

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