Recent College Graduates Experience Cheap Labor

6 Mar

For most of us, college is a great challenge. We’re given a lot of work, and have pressure to do well, all so that we are able to compete in the job market after graduation.stessed_students

We certainly realize that entering the workforce will provide us with another challenge, as we know that whatever we do after college is not likely to be easy. But, do we anticipate working as many hours in our 20’s as we do in the following years once we have established ourselves in a specific career?

We know work is time consuming and difficult at many times, but most of us probably had the idea that as a 22 year old we would have time to enjoy life as well. However, it seems employers disagree. Companies are expecting more and more from recent college graduates. It seems that even at such a young age, work will absolutely consume our lives.

Our generation has become one of cheap labor, where we are expected to work long extraneous hours for a small amount of pay. Sure, we will receive more pay as we put more time in, but it seems that we are expected to waste away our youth to get there. This is a time in our lives where we should be exploring the world and what it has to offer. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t have to work like everyone else, but it should be more of a process. Instead, we will be thrown in, with no way out.i-like-living-in-my-moms-basement-because-its-underground (1)

As a result, the average net worth for those under 35 has dropped by 68 percent since 1984, and over a million more people from the ages of 25 to 34 have been forced to live with their parents. Many recent college graduates cannot support themselves on the small paychecks they are receiving.

Professionals of the business world admit that entry-level jobs are being replaced by internships where there is little to no pay, and unfortunately, not much to learn that will help you later land a career in that field.

This is a sad reality that may be hard for most of us to accept, but we need to understand that landing the job isn’t the only difficulty after graduation. There are some of us that will get lucky, and may never have to deal with this type of hectic lifestyle. However, they will be amongst the few.keep-calm-you-can-do-it-18

Don’t feel completely hopeless though, because you could be one of those few. If you’re not that luck,, then you can look forward to retiring early and relaxing then, after all your hard work has paid off.  I know that it may be hard not to feel pessimistic but there is something to be said to preparing yourself so that you are not taken aback when the time comes.

-Brittany Peterson

Image sources: (stressed student), (Frog Mom’s Basement), (Keep Calm…)

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